Authentic diesel optimisation

Diesel tuning Volvo v90 D5


If you’re interested in technology, we would like to explain that the PPC differs totally from all the diesel boxes (also called plug-in-boxes) on the market. With the PPC you get diesel optimisation in the true sense, this is because we optimise the software of the engine instead of mounting boxes and wires that distort the ECU's signals in order to over-fuel the engine. In a modern car there are complex control systems that cooperate with each other to make everything work perfectly.

A diesel box manipulates some signals in order primarily, to increase the injection time and/or fuel pressure. Unfortunately, the control system of the car doesn’t register the manipulation as it is deceived by the diesel box. This means that many of values and control data are calculated incorrectly by the ECU. This in turn can cause numerous undesirable side-effects on safety, comfort and engine and gearbox durability;

- on board computer under-reads fuel consumption
- anti skid program (ESP) is disturbed due to incorrect torque values
- automatic gearboxes are exposed to incorrect torque values
- torque reduction when shifting gear (for comfort and durability) is not retained
- regeneration/emptying of particle filter will not be optimal
- calculation of exhaust temperature may become inaccurate
- calculation of service interval may become inaccurate
- diagnostic system is disturbed
- higher NOx emissions compared with the original


If you want to improve the performance of your diesel car without disturbing the safety, comfort and durability functions of the engine, transmission and anti skid system, the only way to do it is by optimising the software of the engine control unit. That is exactly what we do with the PPC Tuning System. With the PPC we have total control over all engine parameters at all times, and we don’t interfere with the safety functions of the car by deceiving the system.

Apart from an obvious power and torque increase, you get the following advantages with a PPC tune:

- tuning is installed in a few minutes without lifting the bonnet
- The PPC doesn't need to be connected to the car after tuning
- no loose boxes and wires in the engine compartment
- torque increase is smooth over the rev range
- torque is adjusted/limited on lower gears (to avoid damage to the transmission)
- boost pressure and air flow is optimized
- reinstalling the original settings takes only a few minutes
- the on board computer (ECU) shows the correct fuel consumption
- anti skid program (ESP) functionality is fully retained
- torque reduction when shifting gear (for comfort and durability) is retained
- optimal regeneration (emptying) of particle filter is retained
- correct calculation of exhaust temperature
- correct calculation of service interval
- diagnostic system is retained
- no increased NOx emissions compared with the original when driving in regulated emission tests

BSR’s diesel optimisation is just as advanced and sophisticated as the optimisation we offer for petrol cars. We believe that our customers will notice the difference and appreciate the advantages with BSR’s upgraded software. A diesel optimisation from BSR increases the performance of your car and improves the driving experience in combination with the best driveability and durability