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Support / FAQ

FAQ /Frequently asked questions

If there is a new car warranty left on your car, then a warranty is included in your purchase of a tuning kit from us.

This warranty can be extended up to a maximum of 4 years or 120,000 kms.

Read more about Machinery Warranty here
The rego inspector has no way of checking to see if the car is tuned by BSR or original.
BSR has extensive expertise and experience in working with in torque and horsepower, so there is no risk of negatively affecting, either engine durability, or of straining the transmission and clutch.

It’s also crucial that the torque is reduced in critical moments, for example when switching gears and that’s why BSR tuning kits have appropriate upper torque limits on each of the gears.

Our software is setup uniquely for each drivetrain, 2WD, 4WD, manual, automatic DSG, etc.
This depends largely on how you drive. If after tuning, you use the additional power only when you really need it, the improved torque will reduce your average fuel consumption by a few percent. However, if you regularly use the extra power to increase your rates of acceleration, you will use significantly more fuel. Under stable, highway cruise conditions you may see up to a 7% improvement in fuel economy.
Many things done on a modern car are logged & traceable. But tuning is normally not visible unless a service agent is specifically looking for it. However tuning does not, as many believe, allow your dealer to 'void your warranty'.
With the installation of any aftermarket item, warranty can only void where it is shown that it is the non-OEM item that has caused a problem. e.g. If you were to install software from a backyard tuner who overboosted your engine, you should not expect a bent conrod to be replaced by the manufacturer under warranty. But you can still expect broken air-conditioning to be fixed. Our tunes are conservative and very well tested, and our BSR warranty is specifically designed to cover you in instances where installing our tune has an effect on your manufacturer's warranty.

As such, we don't believe there is any need for you to conceal that your car has been BSR tuned, from your service agent or dealer.

All the tuning kits we have are listed on our website, if your car is not listed we haven't yet developed software for it. You can check out "Project Cars Wanted" to see if your car is a model that our development department is on the lookout for. If your car is listed there, a tune is likely in the works. Info about new tuning kits is published in our newsletter, please subscribe below and we'll keep you up to date.
 All manuals & installation instructions are Here

Contact us

BSR Tuning Australia
176 Elanora Rd.
Elanora Hts.

PPC related questions

When you buy a PPC tuning kit you have the choice to either buy your own PPC device or use a loan PPC (Basic tune) that you return.
The advantage of buying your own PPC device is that you have the assurance that you can always reset to the original settings, and that you will always be updated with the latest software.
If your service mechanic sets your car back to the original settings, you can simply load the tuning kit again.
Those of you who already own a PPC 3 device can transfer it over to another car, and only pay for the software of the new tuning kit, as well as a 20% discount on the software. This is a very economical option if you, for example, sell your car and want your new car tuned. You make the transfer yourself, quickly and easily, directly on our homepage via your own login site. As soon as the transfer is complete, the support for your old car is canceled.
Please get in touch with support and we’ll send you new login details!
As PPC customer, you will receive software updates at no cost as long as you have a valid Tuning warranty.

Most updates are released when your car's manufacturer fixes bugs in the original software or makes other small improvements. BSR's tuning maps are rarely modified after release, but our updates will give you the manufacturer's improvements and while maintaining your BSR tune. You will be notified of these updates by email.