Performance air filter. Manufacturer product no.: F213168

Performance air filter


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BSR's sport air filters increase the engine power 2-3kW. The filter resistance is lower than standard factory filters. Generally the engine revs more freely and responds faster than with a standard filter. When the car is tuned it?s sometimes necessary to change to a sport air filter because the engine requires more air at full boost.

The material
The filter material consists of a unique cotton fabric giving the best combination of low air resistance, efficient filtration and long durability. On both sides of the pleated cotton fabric there is a steel net to strengthen the filter and to prevent it being sucked into the engine. The filters are washable and if you maintain them properly they will last the entire life of the car. JR Filters provides a lifetime warranty to the first owner. Will protect your engine against particles as small as 2.8 micron.

PLEASE NOTE; On round pod type filters, the hose clamp must only be tightened until a seal is made & the filter is not loose. If the clamp is tightened any further, it will cut into the material and the flange will crack. Filters must be installed with support (black foam is ideal) underneath ensuring minimal movement, which may also cause flange damage.
Filter must be washed and oiled at least every 10 000-15 000 km, depending on season and road type.

BSR has chosen to offer air filters from JR. The filters are very high quality and the company has received ISO 9001 certification.

Article number: 46213168

Manufacturer product no.: F213168