BSR Video Clips

BSR BEAMER BUILD - 320i, but faster.

BSR TUNE TESTED BY CZECH 'TOP GEAR' - National TV from the Czech Republic tested some BSR products on a Volkswagen Golf GTI Edition 35 and also measured the emissions. First they tested BSR Stage 1 tuning software, then Stage 2 with sport exhaust. The emissions were even lower with the BSR tuning kit than with factory tune!

ENGINE TUNE & POWER MEASURMENT - Racing team Brink Motorsport recently visited BSR to tune and measure the power output of their two Chevrolet Camaro 5.7L V8s. Follow us behind the scenes and watch the new movie! And whaty a result at the Knutstorp Ring! Tobias Brink took pole position, won both races, and also beat the track record in the Camaro Cup, not a bad days work.

PPC TUNE - A quick look at the PPC tuning process.

RE-ENGINED 120d TEASER - We cut and pasted some big car bits into this little diesel for 250kw+ & 700nm.

Tuned turbos on a slippery surface.

PANEL FILTER REPLACMENT & CLEANING - Do it yourself, it's easy.

CZECH TV - Czech Republic's National TV drives our rebuilt V70 & is... rather enthusiastic.