SportFlow Duplex

SportFlow Duplex


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Fits after original downpipe with parts. To be used on vehicles with round tailpipes on left and right side. (Original diffuser for 6-cyl engines can be used). Pipe diameter: 70 mm + 2 x 57 mm Tail pipe: Duplex 100 mm + 100 mm Stainless Steel AISI 304/SIS 2333

BSR's stainless steel, mandrel bent SportFlow systems produce peerless performance, are highly durable and lend a quality look and sound to your vehicle.

BSR SportFlow has several advantages over other systems:

- Is secured directly onto the vehicle's original hangers*
- Perfect fit, fast and simple installation*
- Lowered back pressure gives less resistance to gas flow
- Exhaust gas is evacuated more efficiently allowing improved throttle response
- Sportier sound under acceleration, however noise inside vehicle at cruise is little changed
- Enhanced appearance thanks to larger, polished stainless steel tail pipes(s).
- Twin systems/Duplex available (2 pipes) for some vehicle types. See vehicle type and year for more information.
- High quality, non-corrosive materials - Built entirely from chrome steel and 18/8 stainless steel for very long-lasting durability.
- Special stainless exhaust clamps are included.

For turbo vehicles:
- Quicker turbo spool up
- Boost pressure is maintained over longer intervals
- Improved performance over several successive accelerations
- Lower temperature increase during periods of high load

Catalytic converter, downpipe, and manifold pipes are not included in Sportflow kits. See Stage 3 and Downpipes for these items where available.

* Some exhaust systems and exhaust hangers may need modification and supplement e.g. for duplex systems. More information can be found in the descriptions of each system.

BSR Sportflow comes with a three-year general warranty and a five-year corrosion warranty.

Turbo- down pipe
For some turbo vehicles the BSR 3" sport catalytic converter down pipe is available. This will give further power benefits and higher boost pressure and a wider boost pressure range. The BSR down pipe must be combined with the BSR sport system and BSR Stage 3 software.

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