New tuning record audi a6 3.0 tdi

New Record!

Yet another success for our development lab! Tuning for the 218 horse power 3.0 TDI Audi engine (for A4, A5, A6 och A7) has been under development by our engineers and the result is a new BSR record for diesel engines. 102 extra horse powers on a stage 1 kit means a total of 328 horse powers and 691 newton meters for these cars. It's a big transformation leaving no one unaffected, or as our test driver expressed himself after the first test drive of an A6: ”It feels like a beast and rides like a rocket! Even though the big power- and torque increment, the chassis maintains its well balanced character and is easy to handle. It feels like it was built for this.”. Lucky owners of these cars can of course take advantage of the ongoing 20% tuning sale until Sunday.

Published: 2016-01-26

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